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Bottle Drives

Book your Bottle Drive

  • Contact us by phone or email
  • Schedule your drive so it doesn't conflict with other drives in the area
  • We will outline exactly what you can return and what they're worth
  • We will give you a nifty door hanger to let people know you are coming

Gather the troops

  • Form an organizing group and assign everyone a responsibility

Plan your routes

  • Concentrate on residential areas and check with managers and superintendents of apartment buildings to see if you can get in with flyers and to pick up containers

Get the word out on the street

  • Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
  • Print simple flyers with the name of your team, the date, the time of collection, and a list of what you need. It's good to have a specific reason for the drive - a set of jerseys, a field trip, some new equipment - so people understand what they are taking part in.
  • Go Door to Door
    • Deliver a door hanger (supplied by us) to EVERY home in your collection area, about a week or so before the drive
  • Don't forget PSAs (Public Service Announcements)
    • Write a short description with a date, time, area, and reason for the drive, and send it to the newspaper and radio public service departments. It's free!

Bottle Drive Request

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